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English for the Students of Medical Librarianship

انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته کتابداری در شاخه پزشکی

ناشر : سازمان سمت

نویسنده :

قیمت نسخه چاپی : 2,050 تومان

صفحات کتاب : 146

کنگره : ‏‫‭‭PE۱۱۲۷/ک۲۳‏‫‭‏‫‭/ش۸ ۱۳۹۰

دیویی : ‏‫‭۴۲۸/۶۴

کتابشناسی ملی : ‎۲‎۳‎۹‎۲‎۶‎۲‎۰

شابک : 9789645306067

سال نشر : 1390

کد گروه پژوهشی : 22

کد کتاب : 1466

خلاصه اثر

Medical librarianship is a service profession which plays a significant part in
providing health information about new medical treatment, clinical trials and
standard trials procedures, tests, and equipment to physicians, allied health
professionals, patients, consumers and corporations. Given the significance
and development of this discipline in the world and in our country, and the
necessity of learning the language in which most of the authentic sources are
written, i.e., English, there was a need for an ESP text in this field. The
present book contains a wide collection of various reading selections from
the most recent original sources including journals and textbooks in medical
librarianship. The reading selections with proper reading comprehension and
language practice exercises both promote the students’ reading skills and
make them explore authentic texts in their field. The book is compiled for
undergraduate students of medical librarianship as the main source of their
ESP course. The book can also be of value to other scholars in health
services including medical students, physicians, allied health staff, etc. We
acknowledge that the book suffers from some defects. It is hoped that the
users and experts do not hesitate to review the book and offer their critical

کتاب الکترونیکی

1,500 تومان

حجم : 1.1 مگا بایت

تعداد صفحات نسخه دیجیتال : 151

توجه: این کتاب فقط از طریق گوشی های هوشمند مجهز به سیستم عامل اندروید و در نرم افزار کتابخوان سمت قابل مطالعه است.

نسخه کاغذی

2,050 تومان

صفحات کتاب : 152

سال نشر : 1390

نوع جلد : شومیز

قطع : وزیری

وزن : 208.24

کد یکتا : 11466

نوبت چاپ : 1

تیراژ : 500



1. Medical Librarian
2. History of Clinical Librarianship (CL)
3. MEDLINE and Other Medical Databases on the Web
4. Standardization with Decentralized Organization
5. The International Dimension of Medical Librarianship
6. Medical Informatics Education
7. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
8. Medical Meta-search Databases
9. What Is Open Access (OA)?
10. Best Place for Clinical Librarians
11. Using Standards to Make Your Case
12. Case Study Environment

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