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English for the Students of Humanities (I)

انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته علوم انسانی (۱)

Publisher : سازمان سمت

Author : ,

Print version price : 14,000 Toman

Printed Page Count : 235

Congress Class : PE1127‏‫‭/ع‌82ن‌9 1395

Dewey Decimal Classification : 428/6

National Bibliography Number : 637076

ISBN : 9789644590122

Publish Year : 1395

Research Group Code : 1

Digital ISBN : 978-600-02-2023-5

کد کتاب : 0012

Printed Book

10,000 Toman

Printed Page Count : 216

Publish Year : 1396

نوع جلد : شومیز

قطع : وزیری

وزن : 295.92

کد یکتا : 240012

نوبت چاپ : 24

تیراژ : 2500


7,000 Toman

Volume : 1.2 M Byte

Notice: This file is usable only on SAMT bookreader application

Ebook Page Count : 235



Lesson One: Artists as Teachers
Lesson Two: The Written Word
Lesson Three: Modern Art
Lesson Four: What Is Literature?
Lesson Five: Science and Art
Lesson Six: The Origin of Language
Lesson Seven: What Is Pottery?
Lesson Eight: Cave Art
Lesson Nine: Short Story
Lesson Ten: Building a Picture
Lesson Eleven: Why Do We Read Fiction?
Lesson Twelve: Not a Bit Like the Book
Lesson Thirteen: What Is Literary Analysis?
Lesson Fourteen: Motion Picture
Lesson Fifteen: Correctness in Language
Lesson Sixteen: Style
Lesson Seventeen: Sociocultural Aspects of the Arts
Lesson Eighteen: Irony
Lesson Nineteen: Characterization
Lesson Twenty: Islamic Art

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