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English for the Students of Psychology

انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته روان‌ شناسی

ناشر : سازمان سمت

نویسنده : ,

قیمت نسخه چاپی : 26,000 تومان

صفحات کتاب : 224

کنگره : PE1127‭/ر9پ94 1396

دیویی : 428/6402415

کتابشناسی ملی : 3200323

شابک : 9786000204402

سال نشر : 1396

شابک دیجیتال : 978-600-02-1655-9

کد کتاب : 2086

خلاصه اثر

English for the Students of Psychology, an EAP textbook for undergraduate university students of Psychology, aims to develop the learners’ reading ability in academic contexts. To this end, it:
• includes a variety of up-to-date authentic texts from a wide range of text types and genres
• focuses on fostering reading skills and strategies helpful in disciplinary contexts
• has a broad range of meaningful and engaging tasks and activities
• organizes units around themes to make them reader-friendly
• involves in-depth vocabulary activities
• provides great opportunities for improving grammar in context
• uses translation as both a reading practice and a translation activity


12,000 تومان

حجم : 5.2 مگا بایت

تعداد صفحات نسخه دیجیتال : 224

کتاب چاپی

26,000 تومان

وزن : 306.88



Schematic Chart
Introduction Unit One: Psychology
Reading 1: The History of Psychology
Reading 2: Types of Psychologists
Unit Two: Motivation and Emotion
Reading 1: Theories of Motivation and Emotion
Reading 2: Extrinsic Motivation vs. Intrinsic Motivation
Unit Three: Personality
Reading 1: What Is Personality?
Reading 2: The Big Five
Unit Four: Counseling
Reading 1: What Is Counseling?
Reading 2: Person-Centered Counseling
Unit Five: Learning Styles
Reading 1: What Are Learning Styles?
Reading 2: VAK Learning Styles
Unit Six: Autism
Reading 1: What Is Autism?
Reading 2: Famous Autistic People

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