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English for the Students of Maritime Studies

انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته دریانوردی و علوم دریایی

ناشر : سازمان سمت

نویسنده :

قیمت نسخه چاپی : 35,000 تومان

صفحات کتاب : 276

کنگره : ‫PE۱۱۲۷‬‭ /ع۸۳‏‫‭‮الف‬۹ ۱۳۹۶

دیویی : ۴۲۸/۶

کتابشناسی ملی : ۵۰۶۴۰۴۰

شابک : 9786000205317

سال نشر : 1396

کد کتاب : 2135

خلاصه اثر

English for the Students of Maritime Studies, an EAP textbook for undergraduate university students of Maritime Studies, aims to develop the learners’ reading ability in academic contexts. To this end, it:
• includes a variety of up-to-date authentic texts from a wide range of text types and genres
• focuses on fostering reading skills and strategies helpful in disciplinary contexts
• has a broad range of meaningful and engaging tasks and activities
• organizes units around themes to make them reader-friendly
• involves in-depth vocabulary activities
• provides great opportunities for improving grammar in context
• uses translation as both a reading practice and a translation activity

کتاب الکترونیکی

10,000 تومان

حجم : 7.0 مگا بایت

تعداد صفحات نسخه دیجیتال : 276

توجه: این کتاب فقط از طریق گوشی های هوشمند مجهز به سیستم عامل اندروید و در نرم افزار کتابخوان سمت قابل مطالعه است.

کتاب (نسخه کاغذی)

35,000 تومان

وزن : 684.19



Schematic Chart
Unit One: Cargo Ship
Reading 1: Development of Dry Cargo Ships
Reading 2: General Cargo: Loading, Discharging, and Stowing Cargo
Unit Two: Maritime Safety
Reading 1: Shipping Safety
Reading 2: Personal Safety on Ships
Unit Three: Shipping Authorities
Reading 1: Authorities
Reading 2: The Role of Classification Societies
Unit Four: Logistics & Distribution
Reading 1: Introduction to Logistics and Distribution
Reading 2: The Nature of Logistics
Unit Five: Marine Meteorology
Reading 1: WMO Voluntary Observing Ships’ Scheme
Reading 2: Port Meteorological Office (PMO)
Unit Six: Marine Pollution
Reading 1: Marine Pollution
Reading 2: Shipping-Related Threats to the Marine Environment
Unit Seven: Marine Insurance
Reading 1: Marine Insurance
Reading 2: Different Types of Marine Perils in Marine Insurance
Unit Eight: Marine Communications
Reading 1: Communications in Modern Shipping
Reading 2: Marine Satellite Communications
Unit Nine: Marine Navigation
Reading 1: How to Navigate the Oceans and Waterways
Reading 2: E-Navigation
Unit Ten: Marine Ports
Reading 1: Port Development
Reading 2: Port Administration Models
Unit Eleven: Naval Architecture
Reading 1: Fundamental of Naval Architecture
Reading 2: Shipbuilding
Unit Twelve: Marine Engineering
Reading 1: Fundamentals of Marine Engineering
Reading 2: The Engine Room

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