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English for the Students of Educational Administration

انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته مدیریت آموزشی

ناشر : سازمان سمت

نویسنده :

قیمت نسخه چاپی : 5,000 تومان

صفحات کتاب : 147

کنگره : PE1127/م4‫‭ک5 1393‫‭

دیویی : 428/64

کتابشناسی ملی : 3740524

شابک : 9786000200824

سال نشر : 1393

کد گروه پژوهشی : 1

شابک دیجیتال : 978-600-02-1126-4

کد کتاب : 1840

خلاصه اثر

The main features of this student-friendly book include: Uptodate authentic reading materials covering a wide range of discipline  related topics Semi-technical and technical vocabulary development Content and task-based learning Reading  and writing strategies Comprehension checks Production tasks Translation of technical texts Paraphrasing and notetaking The objective pursued throughout the selection and presentation of these materials has been to prepare students of educational administration to ultimately read English texts written in their field with ease and enjoyment and be able to share their views and ideas with others comfortably worldwide.


2,500 تومان

حجم : 1.8 مگا بایت

تعداد صفحات نسخه دیجیتال : 156

توجه: این کتاب فقط از طریق گوشی های هوشمند مجهز به سیستم عامل اندروید و در نرم افزار کتابخوان سمت قابل مطالعه است.

کتاب چاپی

12,000 تومان

صفحات کتاب : 156

سال نشر : 1393

نوع جلد : شومیز

قطع : وزیری

کد یکتا : 11840

نوبت چاپ : 1

تیراژ : 1000



Unit 1
Reading One: Planning Your Career
Vocabulary Development: Synonyms
Reading Skill: Previewing
Reading Two: Determinants of Career Planning
Translation: Administrative Behavior
Unit 2
Reading One: Educational Leadership
Vocabulary Development: Suffixes I
Reading Skill: Skimming and Scanning
Reading Two: Leadership and School Improvement
Translation: Defining Leadership, Management,
and Administration
Unit 3
Reading One: Models of Educational Administration
Vocabulary Development: Word Forms I
Reading Skill: Understanding Headings
Reading Two: Models of Educational Administration (Continued)
Translation: A New Concept of Power
Unit 4
Reading One: Instructional Leadership

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