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English for Students of History

انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته تاریخ

Content Type : Book

Publisher : سازمان سمت

Author :

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Printed Page Count : 216

Congress Classification : PE1127 /ت2‏‫‬‭ص7 1392

Dewey Decimal Classification : ‭428/64

National Bibliography Number : 3524411

ISBN : 9789644593826

Publish Year : 1392

Research Group Code : 1

کد کتاب : 0380

Book summary

English for the Students of History, an EAP textbook for undergraduate university students of History aims to develop the learners’ reading ability in academic contexts. To this end, it:
• includes a variety of up-to-date authentic texts from a wide range of text types and genres
• focuses on fostering reading skills and strategies helpful in disciplinary contexts
• has a broad range of meaningful and engaging tasks and activities
• organizes units around themes to make them reader-friendly
• involves in-depth vocabulary activities
• provides great opportunities for improving grammar in context
• uses translation as both a reading practice and a translation activity

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Printed Page Count : 222

Publish Year : 1394

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نوبت چاپ : 9

تیراژ : 500


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Ebook Page Count : 272

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1. The Meaning of History
2. The Land, the People, and the Natural Resources
3. Prehistoric Iran
4. Historical Background (I)
5. Seleucids and Parthians
6. The Aryans on the Iranian Plateau: The Achaemenian Empire (I)
7. The Necessity for Islamic Government
8. The Demonstrations of 15 Khordad 1975
9. Oil and the Iran-Iraq War (I)
10. Iranian Contributions to Islamic Culture
11. The Safavids
12. The Failure of the U.S. Foreign Policy in Iran
13. The Form of Islamic Government (I)
14. The History of Isfahan
15. The Zand Dynasty (I)
16. The Islamic Heritage (I)
17. The Social Virtues of Religion and the Social Harm of the Materialists

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