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This software is designed for which operating systems?

The software currently runs on the Android operating system, but upcoming versions will be compatible with other conventional operating systems.

Is it necessary to be connected to the internet for accessing and reading the book?

No, no internet connection is needed for reading, but please note you will need an internet connection for receiving , buying book and activating it.

Should I use an explorer for buying the books?

To buy a book you should go to the book reader store, which is available through Android version of the book reader except explorer.

Should I pay for downloading the application?

No, downloading the boor reader application is free.

Can I print a book or send it via Bluetooth?

No, it is not possible to print the books, but you can bookmark and make a note in the text and save your bookmarks in a section. About sending a book via Bluetooth, it should be mentioned that it is possible, but if the book costs, in order to read the book, the recipient will need activation (pay the cost)

Should I download the software just through book reader portal?

At the present time, yes. If a version of the application is installed on your mobile phone or tablet, you can send it to your friends via Bluetooth.

Does the application provide the audio book?

Yes, some of the books are audio book the voice of which is played simultaneously while reading the text. So that, each paragraph or sentence has its relevant voice.

Can I access to my previous books after reinstalling the program?

Yes, after buying or freely downloading a book, you will have it in your book reader permanently. Even after completely deleting the book and software, you are able to download it freely. In fact, you will have a private library in this book reader.

Is it possible to access my own library through other people's systems?

Yes, but you won’t be able to read the book ( if you buy and activate a book on a system, then this book will be available just on the very system. )

Does this software work on all versions of Android?

Version 2.2 and above

Is it possible to buy the book again?

No, you do not need to do this, once you buy a book, you'll have it forever.

Is it possible to add eBooks on the tablet or mobile phone?


Is the list of the books presented as favorites in this software?

Yes, these book are marked in some section of the program.

Is it possible to add shelf to the private library as well?


Can I bookmark some part of the text or make a note on it?

Yes, It is possible to make a note and bookmark the text and also bookmark the page.

Is it possible to listen to the book’s audio file and simultaneously use other sections of the system?


Is it possible to search within the book?

Yes, you can search within the text.

Should I look for the last point of reading when I go back to it after closing the application?

No, the last page that you had been reading will be saved by the application.

What is other view?

In some mobile phones, the texts are not shown or there is problem while displaying, such problem will be solved by the other view option.

What kind of books can I add to the book reader from the work adding menu?

A book that you receive directly from the App Store will be added to your library, other books including the books you have downloaded through the website and transferred to the phone or the books you have received via e-mail, or Bluetooth must be added by you using this menu.

How can I activate software user guide?

Through menu

Should I go through page by page to review the book?

No, you can use either the scroll at the button of the page or book contents to switch between the chapters and titles of the book.

What is new shelf?

You can categorize your digital library by making new book shelf with your desired name.

How can I receive the book?

You can buy or receive free books either through the application store menu or website.

How can I read the book bought from website, by android application?

as you must enter your mobile number and password in the website before buying, your purchased book will be added to your private library by the system, then, you can view the book in this section of Android software. You can also download the book from the website and then through the adding book option of Android software you will be able to add it to your local library.

Why the book is not activated?

The most likely problem is that you are not logged in the book reader, yet. (If not, contact support)

Is it possible to interact with the publisher and the author of the books?

We are pleased to make such connection. At the present time, you can commence this connection by leaving a comment.

What are the best books?

You can determine this by rating the books.

Does the book reader just work on the Persian language?

No, this book reader supports all of the languages.

How to introduce a book in my website?