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Selected Texts: A Reference Guide to the History of Iran Volume I (To A.D. 1500)

گزیده متن ها و راهنمای تاریخ ایران: جلد اول (از آغاز تا 1500 میلادی)

Publisher: سازمان سمت


Printed Page Count : 208

Congress Class : PE1127 /ت2‏‫‬‭و6 1392

Dewey Decimal Classification : 428/64

National Bibliography Number : 2882535

ISBN : 9789644592478

Publish Year : 1392

Research Group Code : 14

Digital ISBN : 9786000220112

کد کتاب : 0247

Labels: تاریخ

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Printed Page Count : 212

Publish Year : 1394

نوع جلد : شومیز

قطع : وزیری

وزن : 290.44

کد یکتا : 90247

نوبت چاپ : 9

تیراژ : 500


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Volume : 2.6 M Byte

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تعداد صفحات نسخه دیجیتال : 208



Introduction to the 5th Revised Edition
Introduction to the 1st Edition
Chapter One: Dynasties in Iran
1. Pre-Islamic Dynasties
2. Islamic Dynasties
Chapter Two: Pre-Islamic History of Iran
1. The Legacy of the Persians
A. Iran: The Land and Its People
B. Traces of Civilizations in Iran: From the Beginnings to the...
C. The Legendary Dynasties and Rulers of Iran
D. Early Elam
E. The New Elamite Kingdom
F. The Need for an Impartial Analysis of the Medes and Persians
G. The Early Conquests and the Unification of the ...
2. The Achaemenians
A. The Genealogy of the Achaemenians
B. General Historical Survey
C. Cyrus II, the Great
D. The Achaemenian Empire
E. The Construction of Persepolis
F. Alexander’s Destruction of Persepolis
3. The Seleucids
4. The Parthians (Arsacids)
5. The Sasanians
Chapter Three: The Development of Islam and Its Spread in Iran
/ 1. The Prophet Muhammad
2. The Orthodox (al-Ra¦ shidu¦ n) Caliphs
3. The Origin and Growth of Shi‘ism
4. The Arab Conquest of Iran
5. The Rise of Iranian Dynasties
Chapter Four: Islamic Iran: A.D. 972-1501
1. The Dynasty of Ghazni 91
2. Saljuqs and Khwa¦ razmsha¦ hs
3. The Ilkha¦ ns
4. From the Ilkha¦ ns to the Rise of the Safavids
Chapter Five: Muslim and Persian Science
Chapter Six: Selections From Primary Historical Sources on Iran
Selection 1:
A. The Old Testament (Book of Ezra)
B. The Old Testament (Book of Isaiah)
Selection 2:
A. Herodotus, The Persian War
B. Herodotus, The Persian Wars
Selection 3: The Letter of Tansar
Selection 4: The Ta¦ rikh-e Sista¦ n
Selection 5: Niza¦ m al-Mulk, The Book of Government or Rules for Kings,...
Selection 6: Abu¦ l-‘Abb¦as A¤hmad b. ‘Al¦ i al-Qa¦ sha¦ ni, ...
Selection 7: Rashid al-Din, The Successors of Genghis Khan
Selection 8: Ibn Khaldun, The Muqaddimah, An Introduction to History
156 Selection 9: Fad¤ lulla¦ h b. Ru¦ zbiha¦ n Khunji¦ , Ta¦ ri¦ kh-i ‘A¦ lam-A¦ ra¦ -yi Ami¦ n¦i
Selection 10: Tadhkirat al-Mulu¦ k, A Manual of Safavid Administration
Selection 11: Hassan-e Fasa¦ æ i, Fa¦ rsna¦ ma-ye Na¦ seri,...
Chapter Seven: Research Material on Iran
1. Introduction
2. References and Bibliographies
3. Histories
Chapter Eight: Transliteration Systems, Abbreviations and ...
1. Introduction
2. English Transliterations Systems
A. Encyclopaedia Iranica
B. Library of Congress System
C. Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA)
D. Encyclopaedia of Islam (New Edition): ...
3. Abbreviations
A. General
B. Periodicals
4. Roman Numerals

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